AAU Receives an Art Gallery, recently Constructed inside Entoto Park

Addis Ababa University (AAU) received an art gallery, recently constructed inside Entoto Park, from the FDRE government on the 25th of July 2021.

Professor Tassew Weldehanna, President of AAU, said while receiving the Gallery that, the University has given special attention from the very beginning to do a sustainable and useful jobs for the country as the high level of trust and responsibility from the government and the country demand this.

“This great gift is due to H.E. Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, taking into account the treasures stored in our arts institutions so that we can make our artefacts visible to the public and international art lovers,” Prof Tassew said.

According to Prof Tassew, to support the success of this journey of the Gallery, Ale School of Arts and Design, and Yared School of Music and Theatre will play the greatest role; the existence of these schools has made AAU known for its diversity, versatility and inclusiveness.

“When this art institution in Entoto Park is handed over to our university today, it is also to show that the government’s belief in the University is solid and appropriate. The government’s confidence on the AAU is not only pleasing to the university community, but also motivates us to be more determined and patriotic to work more effectively,” Prof Tassew intensified.

Prof Tassew expressed his belief that the place will be developed by the best scholars and experts in AAU to make it a great tourist attraction without losing its natural beauty, landmark and location.

“In addition to being a tourist destination, we are working hard to make it a lucrative destination and to make it not only a place to admire nature, but also a center for research and development; a gallery for local and international researchers,” Prof Tassew added.

Prof Tassew forwarded his appreciation to PM Dr. Abiy for he raised AAU’s profile globally being Nobel Laureate Prize winner for Peace as graduate of the University, supporting AAU to make it self-authorized and giving responsibility to administer the new Art Gallery in Entoto Park.

“Without Prime Minister Dr. Abiy’s artistic sensitivity, this great national project would not have been possible and no one may consider our art institutions. So, I want to thank him over and over again,” Prof Tassew finally said.

Ezra Abate (PhD), Dean for College of Performing and Visual Arts of AAU, said on his part that the Entoto Arts Centre is a versatile arts centre that showcases a variety of arts and crafts.

As stated by Ezra, the art wisdom enables people to broaden mind horizons by helping to think differently. This allows expressing ideas in colours, sounds and artistic expressions that cannot be expressed in normal human communication, he added.

“We are confident that the Gallery will be a centre of excellence for researchers in the field of art to discuss their research work, and to make the various visual and audio arts (traditional and modern) make available in a way accessible to researchers and visitors,” Ezra said.

According to Ezra, this arts centre is an important bridge for artists and researchers in our country to present their works of art and research to the public.

“The government, especially the heads of state, realize that the construction of such a centre is important not only for the profession and the professionals, but also for the overall development of the country,” Ezra concluded.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa