AAU Students’ Peace Club Holds a Discussion on Its Activities

Addis Ababa University (AAU) Students’ Peace Club conducted a half day dialogue focused on its previous and future activities where AAU Students’ dean Shibru Temesgen (PhD), invited guests and members of the Club found at College of Business and Economics on the 21st of January 2023.

Tewodros Tena (Student), President of AAU Students’ Peace Club, reportedly stated what the Club has succeeded so far since its foundation in 1999 E.C and its short term and midterm plans intended to be achieved in the future.

The main objective of the Club, as stated by Tewodros, is to create a sustainable and peaceful teaching-learning environment through establishing trust and mutual understanding among students with different views and cultural backgrounds including language, religion and other peculiarities and by which keeping the good name of AAU for standing peace and solidarity.

We have been created with different genders, and have come with different beliefs, religions, cultures, ethnicities, trends, experiences and the like through nature and various interactions. Therefore, the club believes that these differences should not be sources of conflict, but tools for creating good opportunities,” the President said.

According to Tewodros, AAU Students’ Peace Club focuses on working how primarily protect conflicts and resolve if arise; dealing with good service delivery systems of the University in dormitory, cafeteria, library, lounge and the like; conducting campus cleaning activities frequently; working with particular focus on physically impaired and female students in cooperation with Students’ Dean Office as well as Students’ Union of AAU.

Regarding the Club’s future midterm plan, Tewodros stated that African Union’s and United Nations’ like simulation conferences, debates and discussions will be held to help students improve their good speaking skills related to leadership and representation of their country around the peace agenda.

Besides to simulation conferences, according to Tewodros, forums will be created to discuss peace together, developing a culture of conversation by preparing consistent, timely and sustainable programs so that members of the University community are able to talk about themselves, their surroundings and their country at large.

Tewodros finally stated that the Club nowadays has more than 1,500 members and still wants to add more, and trains moderators by selecting from them that enable the Club to work with stakeholders and concerned bodies as well as create connectivity with other universities of the country focused on peace and stability.

Editor: Abraham Girmay