AAU, University of Oxford hosted a workshop on Economic Development in Africa

AAU Department of Economics and University of Oxford Center for the Study of African Economies (csae) collaboratively set up a three-day Economic Development workshop in Africa at Eshetu Chole hall. The workshop lasts till December 15, 2019. It is mainly aimed to enhance the quality of education.

Alemu Mekonnen (PhD), College of Business and Economics Dean, in his welcoming address said AAU has been recently ranked 10th in Africa according to US News world report on best global universities in Africa 2020.

“While our university in general and our college in particular have made significant progress in terms of expansion in the number of programs, we have a lot of work ahead of us to improve the quality of education” Alemu said.

College of Business and Economics Dean said the workshop holds over the coming 3 days partly because it helps strengthen their capacity and thereby improve the quality of education.

“Staff and graduate students would get the opportunity to listen to research that reflects recent developments in the field and to participate in the presentations and discussions” He added.

Dr. Alemu also said AAU’s relation with csae goes back to three decades and in the early 1990’s staff from csae used to come to Addis to teach Economics in the MSc program.

Stefan Dercon, Professor of Economic Policy at Blavatnik School of Government (BSG) and Director of csae in his introductory address said their research is based on an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the context that they are working in.

The professor of Economic Policy told the staff reporter that many of them have longstanding connections with senior officials and advisors in African countries, and in international organisations.

Director of csae said he’s been researching Africa for the last 30 years and he’s always thought that it is very important that, as researchers, they directly engage with the people and the policymakers in the countries they work in.

He told the staff reporter understanding their challenges before starting research is the best way to make sure that it has real impact.

“If we can address better in our research the problems that policymakers are dealing with, this makes us better researchers” Professor S. Dercon urged.

Tsega Gebrekristos (PhD) from, Africa Institute of Governance and Development at Civil Service University, in her research work presentation entitled: ‘Can Urbanization Improve Household Welfare? Evidence from Ethiopia Households, Inequality and Poverty’ has found out important implications in terms of informing public policy debates on consequences of contemporary urban expansion.

Naser Yenus Nuru (PhD) from, Adigrat University, in his research presentation entitled: ‘Over Business Cycle: What do they tell us in a Developing Open Economy?’ has indicated discretionary fiscal policies of countries with a developing economy are less effective irrespective of whether the economic times are good or bad as fiscal policy often tends to be overwhelmingly procyclical.

Theodros Shewangizaw December 20, 2019

Photograph by Fikremariam Beyene