Addis Ababa University Thesis Defense Goes Online and face-to-face

Addis Ababa University disclosed earlier that the teaching-learning activities for MA and PhD programs went online and face-to-face in large meeting rooms mantling social distancing in response to the Corona virus pandemic.
The University is currently running its students’ thesis defense online and face-to-face so as to help them graduate in time protecting cross-infection and the spread of COVID-19.
It is revealed that all Colleges and Institutes of AAU have made conducive arrangements for the students in any of the two options that suites them.
AAU is now urging colleges to conclude the thesis defenses as it has already announced a tentative defense schedule to happen 15- 30 June 2020.
On the other hand, for students who cannot complete their thesis on time due to the epidemic restrictions, the University is expected to give certain extensions.

Tenagnework Mekonenn June 1,2020

Editor Abrham Girmay