CDT-Africa, a project led by Addis Ababa University, has been conditionally selected as an Africa Center of Excellence

CDT-Africa has been conditionally selected as an Africa Center of Excellence to help improve access to essential medicines for millions in Africa. Addis Ababa University, through its College of Health Sciences, has won conditionally a highly competitive award from the World Bank to establish a regional center of excellence for drug development, Center for Innovative Drug Development and Therapeutic Trials for Africa (CDT-Africa). The center will be coordinated by the Clinical Trial Unit of the College and will be executed jointly by the four main schools of the College, School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Public Health and School of Nursing and Allied Sciences.

CDT-Africa partners with five national universities, national research institutions and private organizations and five regional universities. Leading international institutions, such as King’s College London and the Harvard, are involved as key knowledge partners.

The main aim of CDT-Africa is to lead a high quality regional capacity development work to improve equitable access to therapies (medications, diagnostics and behavioural interventions) and bring about fair and sustainable development in Africa through excellence in education and translational research for therapeutic discoveries.

CDT-Africa will implement strategies to ensure that the environmental and social impact of its activities will be minimal.  To this end, the center has conducted environmental and social impact assessment, including public consultation workshop. The impact assessment document, including the plans for mitigation of potential environmental and social impact as well as the public consultation documents are posted in public boards and here on the Web.

A more detailed description of the center will be provided in due course. In the meantime, the center team would like to take this opportunity to thank the University and College Leadership, and partnering institutions.

Ethiopia AAU CDT Africa ESMP (1) WB approved

Ethiopia AAU CDT Africa ESMP Public Consultations (1) WB approved