Consultative workshop on Standards for the management of PhD programs

Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement Office of Addis Ababa University organized a half day consultative workshop on “standards for the management of PhD programs on December 27, 2018 at Eshetu Chole hall.

Prof. Tassew Woldehana, president of Addis Ababa University, in his opening remarks noted that today’s workshop is very important to our University; as you all know we want to be research University and what research University mean is that we do our research through enhancing our PhD and graduate  programs . “To strength our graduate program and to increase the quality of our teaching, we need to do research and we need to involve in ground breaking researches.” He went on saying that to run PhD program we need to stick to regulation of the senate that each program has to full fill certain minimum standards.

There are challenges for universities to put in place minimum standards, said Prof Tassew, among others budget and inadequate preparation before launching program.

Dr. Jeilu Oumer, Academic vice president of Addis Ababa University presented his scientific paper under the theme ‘the need for PhD standard document preparation’ (background, rationale, objective, methodology, scope and guiding). The purpose of undertaking PhD program, said Dr Jeilu, is to carry out scholarly critical researches; so, doctorial education is one of the most important activities of the contemporary research University. “The standard will safeguard the reputation of the University’s PhD programs,” added Dr. Jeilu

Various researchers presented papers on PhD programs admission and management (PhD study in AAU, admission requirements and programs management), purpose of teaching coursework and seminar; role of students and teachers’ assessment, research progress monitoring, assessment and examination, graduation requirements and other considerations towards PhD study.

Deans, directors, PhD students and key stakeholders participated on this program.