Department holds workshop on policy Instruments

To cope with the ever changing and dynamic nature of technology and global market, the quality and quantity of employees and policy instruments strongly matter. Hence, assessing the effectiveness of government regulations, globalization and foreign investment is crucial as policy instruments may hamper innovation and employment in one or another way. In response to this, the Department of Economics, College of Business and Economics, Addis Ababa University has administered four days long workshop from October 19-22, 2015 at Eshetu Cholle hall.

Themed with “Employment Effects of Different Development Policy Instruments”, the workshop aimed at finding out policy instruments that could create and sustain good jobs within a developmental context by connecting local enterprises to international markets, stimulating technological upgrading, and restructuring the regulation and functioning of labor markets to provide more and better job that can fit the highly increasing change in production patterns. Further intended to analyze different constraints in labor market and employment in developing countries, the workshop has entertained roundtable discussions and paper presentations.


The workshop has also staged two lectures, featuring challenges and requirements of data collection within a developmental context and site visit at three firms: Textiles and Garment, Leather and Leather Products and Bamboo. As a result of those site visits, participants have got a chance to talk to employees, managers and observed equipments and working conditions.

Funded by the Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development, the workshop is part of the project conducted in six countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, South Africa and Vietnam.

Being a public event, various scholars from different parts of the continents, Addis Ababa University community and students have participated in this event.