“Peace to all, all to the Peace” Workshop at AAU

National peace and security focused workshop held in Addis Ababa University (AAU) with the theme of “Peace to all; all to the Peace” today 15 Oct 2020.

The workshop was covered with diverse presentations and detailed discussions by scholars and participants from AAU, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of National Defence, Federal Police, Addis Ababa City Administration Peace Council Office, Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia and others.

Professor Tassew woldehanna, President of AAU and Chairperson of Addis Ababa City Administration Peace Council Office said at the opening session that peace is essential for everything we do in our life; for learning, development, sharing happiness, prosperity, having secured life in general.

Sustainable peace condition is important not only for human being but also for animals, plants, the earth itself and nature in general, Prof Tassew stated.

According to Prof Tassew, lack of sustainable peace in a country causes violence and civic unrest, growing of revenge, hatred, distrust between people and the government as well as prevailing of hunger and poverty.

“Darkness never beaten by other darkness, it is rather by brightness. Likewise, conflict will not be resolved by revenge based conflict but it is by peaceful love and affection,” said Prof Tassew.

As Prof Tassew clarified, peace cannot merely be prevailed with owning of wealth, wisdom or wish, but it usually develops through thinking nationwide, common understanding of shared values, and mutual respect of citizens regardless of age, status, race, religion or any sort of background.

The discussion on the workshop pointed out that the peace disorder in our country usually arises from irrelevant political ideologies, economic policies and educational curriculums.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa