Studies show Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam has Potential Economic Benefits for all Riparian States

Scholarly papers on the economic value of the Grand Renaissance Dam to both Upper and Lower Riparian states were presented at the 10th Forum workshop on Water, Hydro-diplomacy and Communication held in Addis Ababa.

The studies by leading experts indicated that , whilst malicious narratives deployed had distorted the truth and misrepresented the righteousness of Ethiopia’s position , the Grand Renaissance Dam is, in reality , a project beneficial to all and a threat to none.

After years in the international limelight , the dam has reached its final phase of completion , which is an important mark of Ethiopia’s diplomatic victory , arising from the justice of its cause, it was learned.

The Great Renaissance Dam has also been increasingly drawing interest from a broad spectrum of scholars and the quality of studies is showing a significant improvement, it was further noted.

It was also reported that AAU has been organizing open forums and encouraging academics to engage in scholarly conversations on broad ranging matters of national importance.