The Recently Assumed AAU’s Senior Executive Management Team Continues Visiting

The newly authorized Addis Ababa University’s (AAU’s) Senior Executive Management Team paid a visit and held discussion with the entire community at Nelson Mandela Hall of the Main Campus, Sidist Kilo, on the 20th of September 2023.

The president of the University, Dr. Samuel Kifle, after introducing the seven vice-presidents and areas of their responsibilities, explained in detail about the autonomy initiative of AAU and its future directions.

In his detailed explanation, Dr. Samuel highlighted the institutional acceptability of the reform and the importance of the Universities being autonomous.

According to him, the necessity of making universities autonomous as a country is to establish strong institutes that help the country withstand state disruptions when a government or political system change occurs in it.

When institutions have the opportunity to shape governments, there is no a chance of the state falling into danger every time the government changes, or the danger is highly reduced; Ethiopia needs this approach very much,” he said,

He mentioned that an autonomous university would benefit from academic, administrative and resource-generating freedoms. It would be necessary for the university community to discuss the documents leading in this direction and try to bring about a reliable reform, he added.

Colleges and Institutes found in the Main Campus delivered presentations on their overall activities through their deans and directors focused on the three basic duties of the university, i.e. teaching, research and community engagement.

The Colleges and the Institutes explained that they have good potentials of wealth creation and they will work being very motivated by the values and the relative freedoms that the Autonomy may bring about.

They also indicated that they have been hampering with various hindrances including staff turnover, improper management system, insufficient infrastructure development, and other demotivating working conditions.

College of Social Science; College of Humanities, Language studies, Journalism and Communication; College of Education and Behavioural Studies; College of Development Studies; College of Law and Governance Studies; Academy of Ethiopian Languages and Culture; Institute of Ethiopian Studies; and Institute of Educational Research delivered their presentations.


Editor: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene