Training on the production of solar cooker and solar panel closes

A week long training of trainers held at the graduate building of the College of Natural and Computational Sciences (NCS) of the AAU which focused on solar cooker and solar panel production and assembly came to a close on February 27, 2017.

The training entitled“the way ahead with renewable energy: a role for Ethiopia” was organized by Nation to Nation Networking Ltd (NNN) in collaboration with the NCS to expand solar energy consumption in remote areas across Ethiopia.

The training was offered by two engineers NNN brought from America and financed by Abaynesh Asrat, initiator of NNN.

The training is a pilot test to introduce how to manufacture solar panels and solar cookers from simple materials available locally.

20 trainees selected from different corners of the country, especially those who prepare and sell fast food on the streets, were involved in the training.

“Irrespective of Ethiopia’s year round sunshine, millions of people living across remote areas lack access to electricity as they rely on kerosene, fire wood and charcoal as sources of energy; that can damage the healthy lives of the people and the environment as well,“said the CEO of NNN, Abaynesh Asrat, during the closing ceremony held at the NCS.


“I observed thousands of women in rural areas carrying fire wood for energy consumption; I was very sad and decided to come up with this initiative which can mitigate the problem,” the CEO added.

The trainees disclosed that they have acquired the skills to locally produce solar cookers from fallen aluminum foils.

Girma Kebede (trainee), fast food vendor on the streets of 4 kilo, explained that the training was fruitful as the technology is affordable and eco-friendly.

“We have acquired adequate skills to produce solar cookerslocally from simple materials; I have made plans to travel with tourists as their cook now that I have this technology which is portable and can be used everywhere I go,” says Girma.

NNN offered one solar panel and cooker solar developed for the pilot test training to the College of NCS on the closing ceremony of the event and appreciated the cooperation extended to it by the college and the University in general.

NNN is an NGO founded by its current CEO Abaynesh Asrat, an Ethiopian residing in the United States of America.