Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer Organizes a Workshop

Addis Ababa University (AAU) Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer Office of Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer organized a workshop on Social Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia in collaboration with SIDA project at Eshetu Chole Hall, CBE, on March 11, 2021.

Mitke Molla (PhD), Vice president for Research and Technology Transfer, in her opining speech said that one of the main duties of the Office of the Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer (ILTT) is to motivate those who have innovative ideas and solution center.

According to Dr. Mitike, the Office strives to initiate students, university lecturer and even external people with innovative business ideas by selecting, supporting and bringing their ideas to the university business incubation center so as to try and change their ideas into practice.

Banti Worke (PhD) on his part said, “Social Entrepreneurship: Roles, Challenges and Prospects in Ethiopia” is all about identifying the social problems, solving and achieving a social change by using entrepreneurial principles. However, the critical current challenge is no clear governmental policy-guideline to regulate social entrepreneurs in the country, he added.

The event was also marked by experience sharing using panelists came from different social business enterprises with their success stories and challenges. The Panel discussion was covered by representatives from Abrhot Psychological Services, Temsalet Kitchen, Dot Global Educational Services and After school program.

The workshop set appropriate conditions for warm participation and discussion on the schemes of establishing the AAU- social enterprises joint platform.


By: Tenagnework Mekonnen

Photo: Andualem Aseffa

Editor: Abaraham Girmay