The fact that the press organizes Annual Book Fair & Bazaar Events which are attended by many thousands of visitors and book buyers provides opportunities for its publications to receive much publicity. Moreover, these Annual Book Fair Events attract an increasing number of book firms in town to exhibit and sell their books alongside AAUP. The press also launches selected titles of works based on their significance for literary, scientific and socio-economic knowledge contribution, in public meetings with the purpose of expanding the outreach service of the press with the wider community.

Besides the Annual Book Fair, the Publications of the AAU Press are distributed through some private book shops in Addis Ababa, including the University’s Book Center in the Main Campus. The Press distributes its publications on consignment basis on 20% discount. There is a strong feedback that AAUP publications are also highly on demand abroad, especially among the Ethiopian Diaspora.

Indeed it is gratifying that a number of AAUP publications are quite popular and some are already out of print. The press reprints some of the highly sought-after titles once or twice. AAUP also participates in national and international book fairs. Participating in international Book Fairs, actively taking part in the ABC (African Books Collectives) based in Oxford (UK), continuing with collaborative publishing ventures with such internationally renowned publishing houses like James Currey Publishers (UK), Lund University Press (Sweden), Michigan State University Press (USA), University of Illinois Press, Ohio University Press (USA) etc.