Projects Initiative and Development

Project Initiative and Development Office

The Office of the Project Initiative and Development has the following tasks:

  • Developing program strategies for soliciting funds tailored to specific projects;
  • Developing proposals requesting grants or equipment donation;
  • Analyzing information on goals, interests, financial status and charitable giving habits of individuals, corporations and private foundations to determine which prospects should be considered for cultivation for each project;
  • Developing policies and procedures to be followed by University fundraisers for solicitation on behalf of the University;
  • Advising and assisting college and unit fundraisers in formulating plans to solicit  donors, providing them with donor prospect information, developing incentive programs to recognize and cultivate donors (i.e. design recognition events and write letters on behalf of the University.);
  • Identifying appropriate opportunities to involve University administrators in cultivation and solicitation activities, developing briefing materials and reports for the University administrators on corporations, foundations, and individuals;
  • Analyzing fundraising programs and recommending changes based on interests, operations, economic development, and public response;
  • Designing and implementing a system for determining which prospects are targets for a specific project, participating in and overseeing the cultivation and solicitation of prospects and determining the amount to be requested from each prospect;
  • Overseeing the entry of prospects donor information into the computer system; and
  • Establishing and managing prospect clearance system to maximize fundraising potential and minimizing simultaneous solicitations by different campus entities, creating coordinates, and overseeing donor recognition programs, and directing the implementation of the direct mail fundraising program.

 Ato Samuel Tessema,

   Director, Office of Projects Initiative and Development


      Office Location:  Central Administration Building, 5th floor, office no. 508

 List of staff and contact details:

  1. Ato Yoseph Shibru, Senior Project Design Expert, Email :
  2. W/t Martha Metaferia,  Project Design Expert, Email :

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