Resource Generation, Mobilization and Management

Major tasks of the office

The Resource Generation, Mobilization and Management (RGMM) is accountable to the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Development. It organizes and manages the operation of the University revenue generation centers under the office and involve in entrepreneurial activates of the university enterprises and private (other) business centers operating at different campuses. The Director Office is responsible for

  • Design and Implement the University different resource generating strategies
  • Identify appropriate areas of the University Business Enterprises that will contribute to the generation of income
  • Strategize, design and plan the development and operation of University revenue generation centers
  • Ensure the establishment, upgrading and expansion of various enterprises
  • Follow up and monitor the performance of the University resource generating and business centers
  • Initiate and enter into appropriate business partnerships with appropriate business centers/companies
  • Report the performance of the university revenue generation and business centers regularly to the university administration
  • Ensure that AAU’s internal resource fund is used for diverse general and specific purposes according to the plan

Vision: –          RGMM aspires to cover 10% of AAU’s annual budget by 2020.

Mission: –        The mission of RGMM Office is to increase resource generating ways by improving and expanding the existing business enterprises and establishing new profitable entities to  make AAU a self-budgeted University.

Units under the Office:-

College of Business and Economics Staff Lounge

College of Natural Sciences Staff Lounge

Museum café

W/ro Mulumebet Alemu

Director, Resource Generation & Mobilization and Management Office.

Office Location: – Central Administration Building 5th floor office No. 507

Email: –

Tel: +251-111-54 40 46

List of staff and contact details:-

  • Jyerusaleme Asnake, Training and Consultancy Team Leader
  • Alemu Worku Project Degign Monitoring and Evaluation Team Leader,
  • Mharta Metaferia, Training and Consultancy Expert,
  • Yonas Yigezu, Training and Consultancy Expert,
  • Kelemwa Yifru, Office Secretary