AAU holds discussion on quality of education

The Office for the Academic Standard and Quality Enhancement of the Addis Ababa University organized a consultative discussion session on November 2, 2016.

Themed “Education Quality in Addis Ababa University,” the aim of the discussion was to explicitly identify constraints for quality education and ways forward in order to enhance education quality.

The discussion session featured paper presentation and discussion on education quality pertinent to the Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Sciences, Post Graduate and Undergraduate Programs.

Mekasha Kasssaye (Ph.D.), Director of the Office for the Academic Standard and Quality Enhancement of the Addis Ababa University, in his welcoming speech noted that quality of education is a national concern with the highly increasing number of students and higher education institutions in the country.

He added that education quality matters in creating a competent and capable generation that can live up to the challenges of the current global dynamism and social demands in all endeavors.


Admasu Tsegaye (Ph.D.), President of Addis Ababa University, in his remark also stated that the University can play a key role in improving education quality as it trains instructors and leaders for most of the newly established universities, stressing that AAU’s quality enhancement directly or indirectly improves quality of other universities.

According to the university president, the academic staff needs to harmonize the rules and regulations of higher education institutions with daily activities especially in teaching, assessing and evaluating students to increase education quality.

He further explained that legislative review will be made, if necessary, to engage academic staff in research publication with the hope of pushing quality of education a step forward.

The university’s deans and directors attended the event at Eshetu Chole Hall. The discussion was concluded with reflections on papers presented and ways forward in stamping out bottlenecks and improving the quality of education in Addis Ababa University.