AAU peace club holds discussion

The Addis Ababa University Peace Club held a discussion session themed “unity and diversity” on June 23, 2016.

The purpose of the discussion was to elicit from the student a desire for peace, to foster in them a culture of peace and to equip and empower them to be effective peace messengers to create a peaceful academic environment where students of diverse background live interdependently.

The stage created an opportunity for students to debate on impartiality, equality, transparency, justice and solidarity which are vital pillars for peace keeping and peace building.

Guest of honor Kasa T/berhan, Minister of Federal and Pastoralist Affairs, said: “the way we handle our diversity is either a beauty or a threat for the country. To sustain the country we have to build unity based on equality where all the nations and nationalities of the country are treated without any discrimination,” he added. He also noted that unity in diversity is a source of dignity, pride and prosperity that we have to pass on to future generations.

The students, for their part, appreciated the good start of the AAU Peace Club, asked the minister to support its sustainability and assist ways to share the experience with other universities. The students also raised various questions on peace including: how to build sustainable peace in the country, factors that hinder peace, problems on the government’s side and importance of dialogue to secure peace.


AAU Peace Club envisions a higher education institution, where peace, justice and non violent relations prevail through students’ active work and commitment.