AAU Peace club holds panel discussion

The Peace Club of Addis Ababa University held a panel discussion at Mandela Hall under the theme: “youth and the unity of Ethiopia” on 14th May, 2017.

Participants of the panel stated that the engagement of this segment of society can play an important role in the nation building process, considering they make up a significant section of society.

Kasa T/berhan, Minister of Federal and Pastoralist Affairs and Chairperson of the AAU Governing Board, said: “Our ancient history shows that we were at the top of early civilization during which the youth had a key role in raising the country’s name high.”

He went on to say: “We should be proud of this history and emulate the elders by making new history through a united spirit for the development of our country.”

He further noted that there is a need to create a united Ethiopia based on equality, freedom and justice where all the nations and nationalities of the country can participate in development.

“We must once again reiterate our commitment to tackle poverty which is our ongoing enemy,” the Minister added.

peace club-inside

Appreciating the appearance of high government officials on the panel, the students shared the Minister’s statement on the need to create a united Ethiopia and contribute to national peace and development.

The students cautioned the prevailing lack of good governance in the country should be rendered a prompt response before it affects the development of the nation.

The Addis Ababa University students’ peace club was established in 2009 G.C and has been engaged in different peace building activities in AAU campuses.