Book on Women’s Universal Contribution Launched

Women’s Strategic Development Centre (WSDC) and Institute of Educational Research (IER) of AAU jointly launched a book entitled “Women’s Universal Contribution” on 18th January, 2020 at Mandela Hall.

The book is organized and published by WSDC to demonstrate and announce Ethiopian women’s gigantic role in keeping peace, development, science, research, literature, philosophy, leadership, politics, justice and diplomacy.

Fifteen scholars and researchers contributed their research articles for the book.

The book is organized into twelve chapters written by two languages which 1-6 chapters are in Amharic and 7-12 are in English.

In each chapter, the history of heroine Ethiopian women’s in different nations and nationalities with their immense contribution in economical, social, political, cultural and military fields of the country, their perseverance and life style have been briefly narrated.

Ambassador Dr. Genet Zewde, Chief Director of Women’s Strategic Development Centre (WSDC) said, “This book is the first version and will be published annually. It has a great significance for our country, educational institutes and women.”

“The articles incorporated in the book are written by different researchers pertaining women’s role and participation in different aspects. The stories contained in the book are written depending on the past history and the others are presented in a new point of view of the previous stories,” said Dr Genet in statement. She commended AAU higher officials and Institute of Educational Research (IER) for the contribution and support during the preparation of the book.

Prof. Tassew Woldehanna, AAU President in his address noted that AAU is working exhaustively to increase women’s involvement in teaching-learning, research, and community service since the last ten years.

According to the data said Prof. Tassew 33 % of AAU students are females. The number of female teachers & female researchers, high level female officials on the positions of vice president, dean and director has been increasing every year. “The book launched today by WSDC and IER is a good example to show females participation in all aspects and AAU is ready to collaborate and facilitate everything to advance this trend,” added professor Tassew.

Dr. Elizabeth W/Giorgis from College of Performing and Visual Arts, Dr. Tebaber Chane from University of Gondar and Dr Tsega G/Christos from Civil Service University have presented reflection on the book.

The launching ceremony was concluded presenting recognition certificate for contributors of the book.

By: Tsion Aysheshim

Photograph: Fikremariam Beyene