Student environmental protection initiative held

A half day forum initiated by students under the auspices of the Department of Economics was held at Eshetu Chole Hall of the College of Business and Economics on June 2, 2016.

Themed “Better Environment for a Better World,” the half day forum highlighted the opportunities that thrive in green economy to ensure long term prosperity.

Tadele Ferede (PhD), head of the Department of Economics, AAU, stated that Ethiopia is at the forefront of efforts geared towards creating awareness on environmental issues to ensure sustainable development. He further explained that the concept of green economy has received significant international attention for sustainable development as it incorporates policy measures outlined to respond to changing climate and demand for greener products and services taking into account the crisis that climate change can cause.

A documentary video entitled ‘Arengoade maret’ produced by Artist Amleset Muche, which highlights the causes and consequences of environmental degradation was screened on the forum. The artist delivered a message on the impact of environmental degradation and ways to turn things around.

The forum also featured debate and panel discussion sessions. Moderated by W/ro Saba yifredew, lecturer at the Deepartment of Economics, AAU, the debate on whether economic growth does or does not cause environmental problem was held between 3rd and 2nd year students of Economics.


Ethiopia is implementing a climate resilient green economy strategy to balance its rapid economic growth with environmental protection.