Dental Medicine

College/Institution:  CHS

Department/School/Center:  School of Medicine

Program title: Doctor of Dental Medicine

Program duration (in years):  Six for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 363

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objectives: 

 General Objective – the program trains qualified and competent general dentists for the treatment of oral disease and improvement of the oral health of the community with emphasis on prevention.

Specific Objectives

  • To train professionals who increase the level of oral education in the community performing systematical action towards health promotion and through community health education;
  • To train competent professionals who detect the negative impact of the environment on oral health and perform action inherent to the epidemiological prophylaxis;
  • To develop a broader understanding of the role of the oral health practitioner in the community they serve;
  • To increase technical competency to carry out high-quality primary dental care for all kind of patients;
  • To apply knowledge of the basic and clinical science in the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease;
  • To fulfill and control the sanitary regulation, the medical ethic code and the code of ethics of national and international dental organizations;
  • To strengthen the skill in research task to conduct research projects particularly in the community.

Admission requirements – fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Education (MoE) for higher learning, mentally & physically fit for the profession; those who have a B.Sc. degree in related fields can apply to join the program in advanced standing admission.

Graduation requirement – take a total of 363 ECTS

  • Should pass all modules/attachments with a minimum grade of “C”;
  • Should successfully pass the final year qualifying examination;
  • Interns should successfully complete all the internship rotations.
  1. Pre-medical modules (16 weeks)
S.N Module number Module ECTS
1 Basic English SkillsENLA1013 Communicative Skill (Enla1011) 5
Basic Writing skills (Enla1012) 5
2 CAIM1034 Computer Application in Medicine 5
3 PSYC1044 Medical Psychology 5
4 MSAN1054 Medical Sociology and Anthropology 5
5 CESt1023 Civics and Ethics 5
    Total 30

Vacation: 2 weeks



  1. Pre-clinical Year I (Year 1)


S.N Module number Module Title Total ECTS
1 BSOF1011 Body structure, Organization and Functions – I 6
2 BSOF 1012 Body structure, Organization and Functions – II 6
MHMG1021 Metabolic Homeostasis and Molecular Genetics 8
4 BCDT1031 Basic concepts of Disease and Therapy 6
         Total                                                     26
  Vacation: 2 weeks
S.N Module number Module Total ECTS
1 COMH1012 Measurement of Health and Diseases 10
2 BLIM1041 Blood and Immunity 6
3 NMBC1051 Neoplasia and Molecular Basis of Cancer 5
4 MICF1061 Musculoskeletal, Integumentary and Craniofacial Regions 10
                                      Total 31

Vacation: 1 month End of year 1.



  • Pre-Clinical Year II (Year 2)
S.N Course number Course Total ECTS
1 CAPU2071 Cardioipulmonary System 13
2 NMDG2081 Nutrition, Metabolic diseases and the GIT 8
3 USTX2091 Urinary system and Toxicology 5
4 INFD2121 Infectious Diseases 6
    Total 32



Vacation: 2 weeks


S.N Course number Course Total ECTS
1 COMH2022 Determinants of Health and Disease and research Methodology 6
2 ENRP2101 Endocrinology and Reproduction 13
3 NSBE2111 Neurosciences and Behavior 10
Total 29