Medical Laboratory

College/Institution:  CHS

Department/School/Center:  School of Allied Health Sciences

Program title: B.Sc. Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Program duration (in years):  Four for regular and four for extension

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 243

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program Objectives:

    General Objectives

  • To train medical laboratory science practitioners who are capable of providing comprehensive health laboratory services in hospitals, regional laboratories and health centers and are also capable of training subordinate laboratory personnel;
  • To conduct research activities in the area of clinical laboratory sciences and public health based on the existing problems and felt need of the society;
  • To participate in community services and to take active part in solving general problems related to health.

Specific Objectives – the specific objectives of the Medical Laboratory Sciences program are to train:

  • Qualified medical laboratory science practitioners to work in health institutions, higher institutions, research institutions and industries;
  • Graduates capable of developing and promoting the medical laboratory profession for human good;
  • Competent medical laboratory science practitioners to meet the human power needs of various health and health related institutions;
  • Graduates who are equipped with skills to utilize classical and advanced laboratory techniques in clinical diagnosis of human disease (In both clinical and public health laboratory settings);
  • Graduates who can test and analyze tissue, blood, and other physiological specimens collected for the purpose of criminal and other legal investigations;
  • Graduates with managerial, supervisory and quality assurance responsibilities;
  • Graduates who can participate in identifying and solving community problems in various health perspectives.
  • Competent practitioners who can maintain the professional code of ethics.

Admission requirements

Regular program: to be admitted to the regular program, candidates must:

  • Meet the set criteria of the Higher Education Main Department;
  • Satisfy the academic rules and regulations of the university;
  • Be physically and mentally healthy;
  • Applicants with minor physical problems that would not hinder effective training could be considered for placement as appropriate.

     Advanced Standing Program – admission of advanced standing applicants to the School of Medical Laboratory Sciences will be made based on the University’s existing rules and regulations. Applicants can be enrolled in a continuing education program (evening and summer programs) to undertake their studies if applicants:

  • Have diploma in medical laboratory sciences, or
  • Have diploma in other generic fields and are high school graduates.

Graduation requirement: in order to graduate with Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, a candidate should take and pass all the recommended ECTS (between 247 and 259), score a CGPA and MGPA of at least 2.00 and pass the comprehensive examination. A student who has ‘F’ grade in any of the courses can’t graduate unless the grade is removed. Students with “C” and “D” grades in professional courses are NOT eligible for graduation.

List of Modules

Module Name Module No. Module Code Category Module ECTS
English Language Skill 01 EnLa-M1013 General 10
Psychology 02 Psyc-M1023 General 5
Sociology 03 Soci-M1033 General 5
Civics and Ethics 04 CvEt-M1023 General 5
Chemistry 05 Chem-M1054 Supportive 14
Computer Application 06 Comp-M1063 General 5
Biomedical Sciences 07 Biom-M1074 Supportive 20
Basic to Medical Laboratory Sciences 08 MeLS-M2081 Core 12
Community Health 09 ComH-M2094 Supportive 16
Molecular Biology and Immunulogy 10 MeLS-M2101 Core 18
Medical Parasitology 11 MeLS-M2111 Core 17
Clinical Practicum I 12 MeLS-M2121 Core 5
Hematology & Histopathology 13 MeLS-M3131 Core 24
Clinical Practicum II 14 MeLS-M3141 Core 5
Research Methodology 15 ComH-M3154 Supportive 3
Medical Microbiology 16 MeLS-M3161 Core 23
Clinical Practicum III 17 MeLS-M3171 Core 5
Clinical Chemistry 18 MeLS-M4181 Core 24
Clinical Practicum IV 19 MeLS-M4191 Core 7
Health Service mang’t and quality Assurance 20 MeLS-M4201 Core 9
SRP and RLA 21 MeLS-M4211 Core 8
CBE 22 ComH-M4224 Supportive 7
Comprehensive Examination 23 MeLS-M4231 Core
Total ECTS       247