English Published Books

List of English Published Books by AAU Press

No Author’s Name Year of Publishing Title of the Books
1 Dr. Belay Simane 2016 Building Community Resilence to Climate Chanege
2 Dr. Takkele Tadess 2015 Ways and principles of Developing Words and Technical Vocabulary: The Case Of Amharic
 3  Dr. Gelana Amente  2015 Textbook of Biopyhsics with Principles of Biophysical Measurements
 4  Ian Campbell  2015  The Massacre of Deber Libanos, Ethiopia 1937 
 5  Worash Getaneh & Solomon Tadess  2015  Textbook of Economic Geology 
 6  Dr. Haile Geberiel Dagne  ባህልና ትምህርት በኢትዮጵያ. Studies on Education
 7  David philipson  2015 Foundations of an African civilization Aksum & the Nothern Horn 1000 BC- AD 1300
 8  Bahru Zewede (prof.)  2014 The Quest for Socialist Utopia ፡The Ethiopian Student Movement C. 1960-1974
 9  Afework Bekele & D.W Yalden  2013  The Mammals of Ethiopia and Eritrea 
 10  Demel Teketay  2012 Commerial Timber Species in Ethiopia: Characteristics and Uses
 11  Dr. Hirut Terefe  2012 Gender Relation, Genital Mutilation and Reproduction Health
12 Hiwot Teferra 2012 Tower in the Sky
Abebe Getahun & Eshete Dejen 2012 Fishes of lake Tana: A Guid Book
13 BahruZewde 2014 The Quest for Socialist Utopia
14 David W Phillipson 2014 Foundation of African Civilization: Aksum & the Northern Horn 1000 BC-AD 1300
15 AfeworkBekele and Yalden 2013 The Mammals of Ethiopia and Eritrea
16 HiwotTeffera 2013 Tower in the Sky
17 AbebeGetahunEsheteDejen 2012 Fishes of Lake Tana
18 GetachewDesalegn, MelakuAbegaz, DemelTeketay and AlemuGezahgne   Commercial Timber Species in Ethiopia: CHARACTERISTICS AND USES
19 HirutTerefe 2012 Gender Relation, Female Mutilation and Reproductive Health: The Case of Arsi Oromo, Ethiopia
20 AlemayehuGeda 2011 Readings on the Ethiopian Economy
21 Ian Campbell 2011 Ethiopia 1937: The plot to Kill Graziani: the Attempted Assassination of Mussolini’s Viceroy
22 IbFriis, SebsibeDemissew& Paulo Van Breugel 2011 Atlas of Potential Vegetation of Ethiopia
23 BiadgelignAdemeMekonnen 2010 General Learning- Teaching Methods and Techniques
24 DemelTeketay, FeyeraSenbeta, Mark Maclachlan, Million Bekele and PiaBarklund (Editor- DemelTeketay) 2010 Edible Wild Plants in Ethiopia
25 LegesseNegash  2010 A Selection of Ethiopia’s Indigenous Trees: Biology, Uses and Propagation Techniques
26 Daniel Kitaw 2009 Industrial Management and Engineering Economy: An Introduction to Industrial Engineering Textbook
27 DessalegnRahmato 2009 The Peasant and the State: Studies in Agrarian Change in Ethiopia 1950s-2000s
28 Solomon Tadesse 2009 Mineral Resources Potential of Ethiopia
29 TenalemAyenew 2009 Natural Lakes of Ethiopia
30 AlemayehuTeferra 2008 Principles of Foundation Engineering
31 Andrew J.Carlson and Dennis G.Carlson 2008 Health, Wealth, and Family in Rural North Gondar Region, 1963-2000.Ethiopia: Kossoye
32 BahruZewde Addis 2008 Society, State and History: Selected Essays
33 DemissuGemeda&Seid Mohammed 2008 Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
34 EmebetMulugeta Addis 2008 Urban Poverty in Ethiopia: The Economic and Social Adaptations of Women
35 AbebeDinku 2007 A Textbook of Building Construction
36 MulugetaEteffa 2007 The Bitter Honey
37 Randi RØnningBalsvik 2007 The Quest for Expression: State and the University in Ethiopia under three Regimes, 1952-200
38 David Turton (Editor with an Afterword by Christopher Clapham) 2006 Ethnic Federalism: The Ethiopian Experience in Comparative Perspective
39 May Ydlibi 2006 With Ethiopian Rulers: A Biography of HasibYdlibi
40 TsegayeTegenu 2006 Evaluation of the Operation and Performance of Ethnic Decentralization System in Ethiopia: A Case Study of the Gurage People, 1992-2000
41 BahruZewede 2005 A History of Modern Ethiopia 1855-1991
42 BahruZewede 2005 Pioneers of Change in Ethiopia
43 Randi RonningBalsvik 2005 Haile Sellassie’s Students: The Intellectual and Social Background to Revolution, 1952 -1974
44 AndargatchewTesfaye 2004 The Crime Problem and Its Correction
45 Wolde- Ghiorgis, Wodemariam 2004 Principles of Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation
46 KetemaAlemu 2003 Digital and Analogue Communication Systems
47 TaffaraDeguefe 2003 A Tripping Stone: Ethiopian Prison Diary(1976-1981)
48 Donald Crummey 2000 Land Society in the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia: From the Thirteenth to the Twentieth Century
49 Oyvind M. Eide 2000 Revolution & Religion in Ethiopia (1974-1985
50 Sven Rubenson 2000 Internal Rivalries and Foreign Threats 1869-1879
51 Eva H.M.Gutt& Hussein Mohammed 1999 Silt’e- Amharic-English Dictionary (with Concise Grammer by Ernst-August Gutt)
52 YaredAmare 1999 Household Resources, Strategies and Food Security in Ethiopia: The Study of Amhara Households in Wogda, NortherenShewa
53 Eisei Kurimoto & Simon Simonse (Editors) 1998 Conflict, Age and Power in North East Africa: Age Systems in Transition
54 FekadeAzeze 1998 Unheard Voices: Drought, Famine and God in Ethiopian Oral Poetry
55 David W. Phillipson 1997 The Monuments of Aksum
56 Sven Rubenson 1994 Tewodros and His Contemporaries 1855-1868
57 Sven Rubenson 1987 Correspondence and Treaties 1800-185
58 Gabre-Emanuel Teka, M.Sc., F.R.S.H. 1977 Water Supply – Ethiopia: An Introduction to Environmental Health Practice
59 Sue Edwards 1976 Some Wild Flowering Plants of Ethiopia
60 Emil K. Urban and Leslie H. Brown 1971 A Checklist of the Birds of Ethiopia
61 Richard Pankhurst 1968 Economic History of Ethiopia 1800-1935



[1] Addis Ababa University Press  & Lund University Press, Bloms Boktryckeri AB, Lund

[2] Northern University Press and Addis Ababa University Press, Bloms BoktryckeriAb, Lund, Sweden

[3] Haile Sellassie I University Press

[4] Haile Sellassie I University Press