Addis Ababa University Press (AAUP) is the only University Press in the country and is nearly half a century old. Its primary activity is publishing. With this activity Addis Ababa University Press served the University as one of the latter’s most popular venue of dispensing its products to the wider public. In its day-to-day activities it has proved itself to be a benchmark of academic excellence. Individuals from the public also come to the Press and utilize the university resources to gage and shape their work. Publications of the Press epitomized, both in terms of substance and design, the quality of publication in the country. The printing press has made all this possible by enforcing strict rules under the auspices of its Board of Editors.
The Board of Editors determines the publication of manuscripts in view of their value and quality based on the recommendations of assessors, who are established scholars in their respective fields. There are also Assessors/ Reviewers who consist of a large pool of qualified persons in different specialization areas within and outside the AAU. Manuscripts submitted to the Press are first presented to the Board of Editors for preliminary screening. Upon positive consideration by the Board, manuscripts are sent to at least two reviewers for final assessment based on criteria provided by the Press. If the reviewers suggest the publication of the manuscript and the Board of Editors approves it, the manuscript shall go through an in-house copyediting and be passed to the printers. All these have made the Press to be the first choice of masterpieces.