AAU Holds Election to Appoint Scientific Director for AAiT

Addis Ababa University (AAU) held an election process to fill the vacant position of Scientific Director of Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) on Thursday, 11th of Nov. 2021 at the AAiT Hall.

Seven (7) candidates presented their proposals for the competition based on prescribed criteria and guidelines placed to elect deans and directors of universities that AAU adapted from Ministry of Education.

According to the information from the election committee, though the results of individuals have not been announced yet, candidates were evaluated out of 70% allocated 35 for academic rank, 30 for work experience and 5 for record quality.

Tsehay Yemane, Director for AAU’s Office of HRM & Development and member of the Recruitment and Selection Committee, stated that the election was run to give a vote for the remaining 30% due 14 points by the AAiT academic staff, 10 by members of academic council and 6 by students of the institute.

Tsehay also noted that the open and participatory selection process for internal recruitment of the University has recently begun and to remain committed as elections are to be conducted in a transparent manner like this one.

The candidates presented their strategic plans of what they will do if they are appointed for the position and their presentations were discussed with voters before giving the votes according to the guidelines. The scores of each candidate out of 30 were announced on the session and it was stated that the committee will submit the final result to the President of AAU adding the supplementary scores, 30 and 70 together.

The person to be chosen for the position will have a term of four years with possible extension of another term based on good performance and measurable outcomes of activities upon the progress of the institution.

List of Candidates
No Name Academic


Department Score out

of 30%

1 Semere Birhan PhD, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering 14.35
2 Geremew Sahilu PhD, Associate Professor Water Supply & Environmental Engineering 20.93
3 Bikila Teklu PhD, Assistant Professor Road & Transport Engineering 24.84
4 Kassu Jilcha PhD, Assistant Professor Industrial Engineering 17.99
5 Zebene Kifle PhD, Associate Professor Chemical Engineering 22.28
6 Amaha Mulugeta PhD, Assistant Professor Industrial Engineering 23.08
7 Dereje Hailemariam PhD, Associate Professor Electrical Engineering 24.96

Reporter: Tsion Aysheshim

Photo: Andualem Aseffa

Editor: Abraham Girmay